Can I remortgage...?

Anyone who has an existing mortgage can consider the option of remortgaging - provided that they meet the criteria set by their potential new mortgage lender.

Why do we remortgage...?

There are many financial benefits to consider remortgaging. The three most popular reasons why people choose to remortgage with us are to save money & also to raise money.

Save Money - In order to benefit from lower interest rates and in turn reduce your monthly mortgage payment a Free No obligation remortgage review could be the first steps to saving you money.

Remortgaging might be particularly important if you’ve come to the end of a fixed-rate period, or your discounted deal is coming to an end. While you can stay with your existing mortgage provider, you will probably be put on their standard variable rate (SVR) which may not be the best deal around for you although certainly beneficial for your lender due to the higher rate of interest and therefore an increased amount you need to pay each month.

In many cases, remortgaging can make a significant reduction on your monthly outgoings - as an example, if we managed to negotiate down a £100,000, 15 year repayment mortgage from 4.99% to 3.29% you could save as much as £85 a month which over a 12 month period is £984

You could remortgage to raise money by releasing some of the equity in your home. This could be useful if you wanted to release money for making home improvements and in turn adding further value to your property or even raise additional funds to consolidate debts.

Increasing concerns by mortgage holders over potential interest rate rises are another common reason to remortgage as mortgage holders seek the security of a new longer term fixed rate which meets there affordability and budgets targets. A slight increase in the Bank of England interest rate will potentially see lenders pushing up the arrangement cost and the interest rates on there current fixed rates in readiness for the anticipated onslaught of applications and new business.

When should I remortgage...?

With our clients we start looking to arrange a remortgage well before the current deal comes to an end and as early as six months so that you can ensure a smooth switch to a new deal and you avoid any increase in monthly mortgage payments.

What about my early repayment charge...?

Sometimes a remortgaging deal can make up for the early repayment charge although with our experience and expertise we will calculate how much you would have to pay over the remainder of your mortgage if you stay in your current deal in comparison to switching to a remortgage deal.

How long does remortgaging take...?

Remortgaging usually takes around four weeks as we assist you in the completion of all the required paperwork and arrange with the lender a valuation of your home. We will work closely with you, your new lender and nominated solictor to endure a smooth and efficient remortgage takes place.

Let Instinct manage your mortgage and finances

At Instinct Financial Solutions we fully manage, monitor and compare all our clients mortgage deals with the remortgage market daily to see if they can get a better deal than they currently have.

This allow you to have the confidence of knowing your finances are being professional managed by experienced advisors daily allowing you to concentrate on your busy work and family life. 

How do we find the best remortgage deals...?

When sourcing the best remortgage deal for you we take into consideration the following:

- the estimated value of your home

- your age and the term of the mortgage you require.

- the amount you want to borrow

- your annual income and expenditure 

These factors are important to help us to compare the market better which in turn will help you achieve your personal finance goals.


Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

What our clients think about
our services:

"I would personally recommend the services provided by Instinct Financial Solutions who provided us with all our mortgage & insurance advice. One key area of protection Michael strongly advised me & George to take up was that of a Life and Critical illness insurance. Like most we never wanted or truly believed that one day we would need to sadly make a claim on our life policy. During very difficult times Michael willingly provided me with guidance and the strong support to ensure the claim process was smooth and as stress free as possible."

Tracey Horsley

"We would just like to thank Michael for all the help and support in our house move! We have known Michael now for around 8 years, his experience and knowledge of the financial market has helped us no end in that time! Recently we moved house and as we all know house moves can be very stressful, but Michael took the stress out of the move as much as he could! He arranged everything from the mortgage through to home and life insurance and liaised with necessary lenders, solicitors and estate agents. We certainly could not have done it without him and we are eternally grateful for his professional support from start to finish!!"

Karen & Annie

Mortgage availability depends upon your circumstances.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

We are pleased to confirm we offer a no completion, no fee service. In order to maintain and improve our highly efficient service levels we may charge a fee of £295 on completion of your Mortgage. In addition we are typically paid a commission from the product provider.